DIY Bridal Make-Up lesson at a Bobbi Brown Studio!


Hi Guys, today I want to talk to you about bridal make-up.

If you, like me, are a bride planning to do your own makeup on your wedding day, then this post for you! Keep reading to find out how I got a free make-up consultation!

I’m going to admit it, the main reason I decided to do DIY make-up instead of getting a make-up artist, is because I am a tad cheap. I hated the thought of spending hundreds of pounds on one days make up, and I was also terrified that I wouldn’t look myself, or wouldn’t look ‘right’ having someone else do it.

I much preferred the idea of spending that money on some nice new make-up, that I can actually use again! However, there are some con’s to the DIY approach. For a start, it takes a lot of research! Even if you are fairly happy doing your make-up normally, I bet you will want to find the ‘perfect’ way of doing it for the big day. Cue many evenings sitting on Youtube watching make-up tutorials while Chris plays Grand Theft Auto. Am I alone?

On my Youtube travels I came across Pixiewoo‘s channel, which is now a firm favourite of mine, and is incredibly popular judging by the likes and comments they get! They have got loads of wedding tutorials which are really useful, and I would highly recommend! Whilst watching these I noted down all the make-up they were using that I thought I would like, one of which being Bobbi Brown, and went on a bit of a mission to hunt them down!

Meanwhile, I was also planning a dress shopping trip to London with my bridesmaids, and noticed that at Westfield there was a Bobbi Brown Studio. I decided I would have to pop in, but whilst I was browsing their website I noticed that they do free make-up lessons, including 45 minute bridal sessions!  This sounded brilliant, so I forced the girls to come in and watch while I was given a bit of a make-over and lesson.

Of course, this did end up in me buying a fair amount of make-up, but I didn’t feel pressured to at all, and I am sure if I had decided it wasn’t for me then I could have walked out with nothing without a problem. As it was, I was pretty happy with my purchases, especially since I had planned to buy a couple of them anyway, and it just meant that I could try before I bought!



The girls there fill out a really helpful form, (you can see mine above) as they go along, so that you can go home and think about it, then order online at a later date if you like.  They also put the make up on the drawing of a lady which I thought was quite cute.

All in all I found it a really useful experience. If you need some tips or want to try out some new make up for your big day I would definitely suggest this!  Going to a studio is probably the best option as there are no distractions, and you get the full experience! (And I would imagine more experienced staff)  But you can always go to  one of the counters in department stores if you are short on time, or don’t have a studio near you.

I’m actually quite getting into make-up now, after many years of using my old favourites, I am now quite keen to explore and try out some new products. Perhaps I will even do some reviews!

Laura xXx



Wedding Nails – Gold and Beige Geometric Design

geometric beige & brown wedding nails

Today is the start of a new little series on the blog. A series which gives me the chance to talk a lot more about nail art! Specifically wedding nail art of course! If you read my lifestyle blog, you may know that I have a bit of a thing for pretty nails, so  the decision of how they will look for the big day is going to be a big one! Much bigger than say, picking a wedding ring or finding bridesmaid dresses (I joke, but I haven’t actually done either of these things yet, eep!)

geometric gold and brown wedding nail art

Initially I had thought that I would just get a French manicure. That seems to be the thing to do, right? And no doubt, if done well it does look lovely. BUT, that’s not how I wear my nails, ever! I want to be myself as much as possible on my wedding day and I like my nails best when they have interesting designs and pretty colours. I do get a lot of complements with how I do my nails, so I started thinking that maybe I would go for something a bit different.

gold and beige wedding nail art

As you can imagine, I have had lots of ideas on this subject, so I thought I would try out some designs. Perhaps you can help me decide what I should do, and hopefully I might inspire a few of you too!

Today I’ve got a simple geometric design in gold and beige/light brown. I normally go for brighter colours, but I am actually really taken with this combination! I think it would work really well for a boho style wedding in particular. I painted my nails with 3 coats of Essie’s San tropez. Then I used my triangle nail stickers and painted the tips in gold by Barry M. I finished up with a top coat of seche vite. If you are interested in how I paint my nails, you might find my  Top 10 tips for flawless nails useful.

gold and beige wedding nail art

What do you think? Should I consider something like this for my wedding?

If you have any suggestions or ideas of other designs, colours or specific varnishes you’d like to see me try out, I’d love to hear from you. I love a good excuse to add a new nail varnish to my collection!

Be sure to check back regularly as I have at least 3 more nail designs up my sleeve (so to speak). You can follow me on Bloglovin hereTwitter here or Facebook here to get updates.

Supplies used

Essie Sand Tropez

Barry M Nail Effects Foil -Gold

Nail Stickers (Number 4)

Seche Vite

Laura xXx