Colour Scheme

Guess what!? On monday I tried on my first wedding dress! Well actually I tried on 2 and they were both beautiful! I didn’t manage to find the perfect one, but I think it was a very good start and I have a better idea what I am looking for now.  Anyway, more of that later, today I want to talk about colour schemes!

This was one of the first things I felt tempted to start planning, and it is very difficult because there are so many colours that I love! I have even toyed with the idea of having a rainbow wedding!  At the moment though, I am really taken with the idea of a turquoise and pink colour scheme. I’d also like to get the light blue of the sapphires in my engagement ring in there somewhere. I thought I would bombard you with beautiful pictures I have found which use this colour scheme. Please click the pictures to view their original source.



colour scheme

teal and pink1

teal shoes



 Laura xXx

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