Wedding Planner Review – Paper Themes


Just how essential is a wedding planner? I’m talking about the book rather than the person!  Personally I think it is really important to have somewhere to keep all of your ideas and details together, accessible at a glance, otherwise it is easy to get in a right kerfuddle!  Up until recently I had a scrap book where I have been keeping cuttings and pretty pictures, but I didn’t really have any where for all the detailed stuff to go. A few days ago Paper Themes sent me this pretty  wedding planner book  to review, and now I feel much more organised!

The book has 6 sections and each has a little pouch to keep pictures, business cards and cuttings, as well as a few polythene pockets. So what do the sections cover? Well I shall tell you;

1. Getting Started

This covers all of the basic details and provides a checklist of the most important things to do. There is a budget planner which gives a list of things to remember, and also provides space for extra things that they might have left out. It also includes a handy undated calander which spans 2 years.


2. Guests and Stationery

I think that this section of the book is going to be really useful when sending out invites and also when sending thank you cards! The guest list includes checkboxes for day or evening invite sent, if they accepted or declined and what they gave you as a gift. It also has space for their contact details. Since I will be collecting these from parents and friends this will come in very useful. There are enough spaces to include 128 people, but again there is a notes page where you could add additional information.

Something else they include, which I don’t think I would have thought of, is information on accommodation for guests that have travelled a long way.


Here is the perfect place to document the Bride and Grooms measurements, as well as the Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers. There is also a contact page for the shops visited.


4.Wedding Day

This section covers all the main wedding day details; the ceremony, food and drink, entertainment, flowers and decoration, photography and videographer, transport and honeymoon!


Here you can write down any ideas you have for gift suggestions. Lots of people make wedding lists in one department store or another, so as to help out the guests, and make sure that they don’t waste their money on something the bride and groom already have or don’t need.  If this is something you are considering, this book has space to write down anything that takes your fancy.  It also has pages dedicated to the very important thank you gifts, for members of the wedding party.

6.Contacts and notes

Finally we have some pages for any contacts you pick up along the way, and a few pages for notes.


I think the planner pretty much covers everything I need it too. The only thing that might have been nice would be blank pages for sticking things in, but since I have a scrap book it isn’t really an issue for me. Now I have to get on with the time consuming business of filling it!

What does your wedding planner look like?


Laura xXx

Disclaimer – This wedding planner was give to me free of charge by Paper Themes

Vintage Wedding Invitations – Review for Paper Themes


Today I am reviewing some lovely vintage wedding invitations from Paper Themes.

Invitations are the first glimpse your guests will get of your wedding, so you will probably feel that it is important that they reflect your style and personality.

These days brides are tending to veer away from the traditional formal invitations, and want something a little more fun, but still with an element of sophistication.  Having been sent some samples of their invitations, I think that Paper Themes offers this in abundance, as you can see from the selection of invites above.

All of the invites are of really good quality, printed on thick card stock. There are a variety of options available, depending on how much information you want to give to your guests and if you want to include an RSVP.

When the invites arrived I held a mini focus group with my mother in law to be, and my sister in law to be (who is planning a wedding herself!) It was interesting that we all chose different invites as our favourites.

I chose this one, as I love the colour and font combination, as well as the pretty pattern. I also like the idea of the ribbon, meaning that you could hang it up somewhere. I think it is fitting with the ideas for my own wedding, bright, bubbly and summery! Inside the outer pouch there is a more in depth invitation, as well as an RSVP for the guest to return.


Rosie picked the one below. She liked it because it was simple but elegant. Again, it has really lovely fonts, and we liked the idea of ‘Eat, drink and be married’! Again, inside there is a more detailed invitation and an RSVP.


Beverley picked the bunting card. One of the most simple of the selection, who doesn’t love bunting!? Perfect for an ‘English country garden’ style wedding.




I also really loved this London Bus themed invite. It would be perfect if you were planning on transporting your guests with a big red bus! Here are a few of the other invites Paper Themes supply;





What do you think? Which one do you like best?

Laura xXx

Disclaimer – This was a paid review but all opinions expressed are my genuine thoughts about the product.

The Fabulous Wedding Festival


A little while back, (ok, quite a while back) I travelled up to The Fabulous Wedding Festival held at Muddifords Court in Devon.  As usual I had hitched a lift with the wonderful Classic Kanish who had been asked to play the event. The first thing I spotted of interest were the beautiful table arrangements set up for the banquet later! Each had been decorated by a different wedding  company. Here are my two faves…. This first one was called ‘Colourful Kitsch and was styled by Devon Vintage China. The stationery is from Knots and Kisses.



vwf_table_planThis next one is called Bohemian Dreaming and was styled by Jessie Thomson. The stationery is from In The Treehouse and the flowers are by Laura Hingston Flowers vwf_bohimian_wedding_table_setting_2

dream catcher



vwf_wedding_table_settingThe weather took a turn for the worst, and it bucketed it down with rain. But it did give me a chance to get some lovely photos. This one is of the little cabin the live event bloggers were using as their refuge from the torrential rain.

vwf_blogger_shedWe really needed something to warm us up, so we decided to purchase some yummy warm cocktails from The Cocktail Caravan. They were delicious!  And don’t the Classic Kanish boys look happy about it!



Finally, here are some pics of the boys playing. They also did a set during the banquet, but I headed off to warm up my toes in Pip the campervan. It was cooold!



vwf_the_cider_barnAll in all it was a great dray. I really hope I get to visit next years FabWedFest too!

Laura xXx

Vintage Wedding Fair in Newbury

I have really been slacking on my wedding blog recently, but life has just been so busy! If you want to take a peek at some of the things I have been doing you can pop over to my non wedding blog Wrapped Up In Rainbows.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to once again accompany the lovely Mister Kanish to a VINTAGE wedding fair hosted by Fusion Wedding Events, and it was awesome! I met some really lovely people and had some great conversations about weddings, and obviously the boys were fantastic. I went home absolutely brimming with ideas and excitement about our wedding! Here are some pics I took…

n mister kanish newbury

Here are Mister Kanish doing their thing.

n peach and jo 2n peach and jo 3 n peach and jo 4n peach and jo

Just look at this beautiful display by Peach and Jo Photography. I love all their cute vintage details, and they were super friendly which of course is incredibly important when picking a photographer! Plus you get two of them!

n tea and doilies

These sweet little invitations were made by the equally friendly Jo from Tea and Doilies. As well as wedding stationery Tea and Doilies can provide tea set hire, and even food! I spent a long time chatting with Jo, she even helped me come up with some ideas for my wedding, completely unrelated to stationery!

n prints charming photobooth

Of course we managed to find another photobooth. This one was called Prints Charming, and was owned by the very bubbly Hana Laurie. I liked this one for a few reasons… it was a stand up one rather than a sit down one, the colours are pretty and the props were great. If you had it at your wedding you could have your name in place of the Prints Charming and writing at the side, and you would usually get 4 pictures all the same size on one sheet. I think you can specify how they sit on the page though.

the flying ducks2

The Flying Ducks are a catering company that run out of the cutest caravan I ever did see! I would love to have this on our wedding day if the budget will allow. It would fit perfectly with our festival feel.

Another exhibitor that caught my eye was The Reel Sixty, a wedding film company specializing in films shot in 8mm. They had a really lovely nostalgic feel to them.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual wedding fair today! I have another one for you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Laura xXx





The Fabulous Wedding Festival


Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe

Something exciting is happening and its called Fabulous Wed Fest! It’s a Wedding show that is also a festival! Well, this sounds exactly the sort of thing that I should be going to! Lucky for me, I am! Hurrah!

Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfeBecky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe

Chris’s band Mister Kanish were approached by the organisers to play (good choice Fabulous Wed Fest!), so I get to tag along! It is being held at Muddifords Court in Devon on the 16th of March. Yes, thats next weekend! We will be traveling up in Pip and staying the night.

Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe

If you are planning a wedding with a difference then I suggest you get yourself some tickets pronto! They’re only £4! You can find out everything you need to know here.

Don’t worry, I shall report back  next week with the delights that I find!

All of the wonderful pictures on this post are courtesy of My Fabulous Life Photography

Laura xXx


Music and Photobooths at Portsmouth Guildhall Wedding Fair

A couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding fair at the Guildhall in Portsmouth, but instead of going as a ‘bride to be’ I was helping Chris and his band Mister Kanish who were exhibiting there.

They played two sets, first off they played songs from their vintage band which they call ‘Classic Kanish’. You can see some videos here. My favourite was the Britney Spears medley done in a vintage style, it was very entertaining!

Later they played their usual rocking Mister Kanish set, you can see what that looks like here. Both went down really well! You can see some of the pictures I took below, some of which are now appearing on the brand spanking new Mister Kanish website!

mister kanish classic wedding bandmister kanish flyer2chris mister kanish double bassmister kanish classic 2Mister Kanish band flyersmister kanish rocking

Chris and I managed to try out a photobooth too! The company was called Shutter Booth, you can see the kind of package you get below. We did enjoy the props that came with this photobooth, and it was a standing up one again which I definitely think I prefer! What do you think?shutterbooth photo boothshutterbooth offer

 Laura xXx


Natural Centre Pieces

Although I know I should be thinking about practical and important things like shelter and food, I can’t help but be distracted by the pretty little things. At the moment I seem to be stumbling across lots of very lovely natural centerpieces. Here are some of my favourites, just click the pictures to see the original sources…


A vegetable centrepiece! Genius! You could almost mistake it for flowers, but i can definitely spot a courgette, an artichoke a pepper and a carrot in there.


These ferns are such a simple idea for centrepieces, but i think they look lovely. This would save you some serious cash!



I love terrariums and these are just beautiful. You could also double these up as gifts for people that helped with the wedding.


Finally, look at this rose submerged in water with candles floating on top, how pretty! They remind me of beauty and the beast.

Ok, now that is out of my system, I must get on with more important things, portaloos here i come!

Laura xXx

Wedding Fair at the BIC

Chris and I have just returned home from a wonderful weekend away in Bournemouth.  I have really been spoilt as it was all a big surprise organised by Chris! I had no idea what we were doing until we arrived at a lovely hotel in Bournemouth. The woman at reception let it slip that Chris had told them of our ‘recent’ engagement, and that we were staying at the hotel for the Wedding Fair at the BIC.  Then they offered us an upgrade for half price, so we took it! And we got a four poster bed! Hurrah!

The hotel was fantastic, it was called The Langtry Manor and it had a lot of history which was very interesting. They were also having an open day so we got to see how it would all be set out for a wedding. I would highly recommend it for a couple who are looking for a manor or large house to get married in.

Anyway, the wedding fair was great too. The most fun was all of the photo booths that we got to try out! I thought I would do a little review of the 3 that we tried. You can see the magnificent photos below!

This one was from a company called Say Fromage. You could probably only fit 2 or 3 people in a picture, but on the upside the technology was wonderful and it was by far the easiest to use! You could choose to print any 4 pictures you wanted on a page, so if you took a couple of bad ones it wasn’t the end of the world. We also really like the quality of the photos, the colours are vibrant and the lighting also seemed pretty nice. You get to print out unlimited photos and you can make 2 copies, one for the bride and groom and one for the guests to take home!I think you get more bang for your buck with this one as you get to have it for 6 hours, and I think the others are only 4 hours for a similar price.

I love the branding and look of The Photo Lounge. It is quirky and has a vintage style, as well as the colours being very ‘me’. There is the opportunity for you to have more guests in one photo from this company. They can make it as big or small as you want and can customise the backdrop to your match your event. They also provide lots of wonderful props. Again you get 2 copies print out, one for the guest and one to put in the bride and grooms photo album/guest book.

Unfortunately we couldn’t quite get the hang of the timing when using Smiley Booth, also I am looking in the wrong direction which doesn’t help! Whoops! The one thing that this booth had which the others didn’t is the option to change the back drop curtain to a green screen, so you could potentially have any background you wanted!  However, I think this is my least favourite of the three, mainly because it seemed less easy to use, but also because you had to sit down to use it. I do think photos with people standing look much more natural, but it really depends on what kind of event you are having and what is most important to you!

As we were wandering around we got chatting to the photographer from I Make Your Day. He very kindly took our picture and made it into a little keyring for us to take away. I haven’t really thought that much about a photographer yet, but I think it is going to be one of the most important decisions I make! I think that the work of  this company looked very professional, but I probably want something a little quirkier with a vintage twist. So, the search continues!

Before I go I’d just like to show you these lovely cakes I spotted from Sweetcheeks Bakehouse. I really love the colours they have used and they are certainly very photogenic!

As you can tell we have had a very wedding heavy weekend, but now I am even more excited! I want to sit down tonight with all the things I collected from the fair and make myself a little mood board. Hurrah!

As always, I’d love to hear from you if you are doing any wedding planning or have seen any wedding ideas that you like.

Laura xXx

Awesome Invites!

This week I have been thinking about the perfect wedding invite. I want ours to be pretty, but quirky. It needs to be original but fitting with the feel of the event.

Of course this has meant much time scouring Pinterest for inspiration, so here are some of my favourite ideas. Click the picture to see the original source.






yellow invites


Laura xXx

Picking the venue and Giant Hat Tipi’s

Did I tell you we have finalised the location of our wedding? Well, we have and it is just lovely!  My parents live in a very quaint little village, the sort with thatched cottages and a little village shop.  They all seem to know one another and it is all very friendly, which is lucky for us!

We have decided to get married in the church in the village, and then have a festival type wedding in a nearby field. We weren’t sure which field we were going to use until recently, but now we have made our decision! My parents also have a caravan, which they keep in storage at a nearby farm/field/campsite. Fortunately for us, the people that live there are absolutely lovely, and have said that we can use their (rather large) field!

So, my mum has set us the challenge of finding a tent/marquee to hire by the end of January. That doesn’t give us long! Of course that also means that we need to have a guest list pretty much ready so we know how many people we will need to fit in. Yikes!

So here comes the exciting bit, I have been looking for tents and marquees but these Giant Hat Tipi’s are what really caught my eye. I’m not sure yet if we will definitely be able to have one of these for our wedding as we are on a tight budget, but I would really like to capture the essence of these ‘Tipi’ style weddings. Click on the images to see the original source.






Aren’t they lovely? In a perfect world I would have 3 giant hat tents joined together. In one would be the area for the sit down meal, in another would be the dancefloor and the last one would have a fire pit in it with lots of cozy seating all around!

I love the idea of the fire pit, but luckily, even if I don’t get to have the giant hat tents, I will still be able to have a fire pit! When we went to explore the field we are having the wedding in, to my delight I discovered that they have a little shed with a fire pit in the middle! I think it will only hold about 12 people at once, but still, I think it will be lovely!

Wish me luck in my hunt for the perfect tent, not long to go now!

Laura xXx