Tips and Tricks for organising a Downton Abbey wedding day

Downton Abbey Wedding Theme

Hi guys, today we are talking about the ever indulgent Downton Abbey Themed wedding! I’ve got my usual top 5 wedding theme wednesday buys below, and then keep reading for a great guest article from the lovely Elle Williams!

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2. Adoringly Alluring Dress – from Modcloth

3. Maya Comb – £185 from Emmy London

4. Cinderella Shoe – £695 from Emmy London

5. Downton Abbey Nail Varnish Trio – £9.50 from M&S

Themed weddings have long been fashionable in the wedding industry – but (depending on the theme) it can either be a huge success or a disaster.

One of the most successful themes I have come across though whilst blogging in the bridal industry, is the Downton Abbey theme. I mean who wouldn’t want to theme their wedding in line with the iconic, beautiful TV show set in the 1920’s?

A Downton Abbey themed wedding is something that can be executed really subtly, meaning you get the suggestion of a theme and you can feel the unique décor choice, etc – but it’s not screamingly obvious, or ‘fancy dress’.

Luckily, the 1920’s was a stunning period of time, for both décor and fashion – so bringing elements of the 1920s into your big day will only ever improve the look and feel of the big day. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Your dress!

Fashion in the ‘Downton’ era was very classy and very particular. The trick with modernizing a theme such as this though is making the style and feel of the fashion your own. Concentrate on key elements from the era, such as silk, lace and slim-line gowns. Below is an example for you to take a look at. There are loads of gorgeous styles you could go for – but the key with the 1920’s is understated. Brides didn’t wear big princess gowns then – the dresses were classy, subtle and fluid.


 Think about the venue

The venue is definitely going to be important when planning a Downton Abbey wedding – as you’re going to want all those glorious photographs outside, overlooking some beautiful grounds – just like in the TV show. One of my favourite venues is Rushton Hall, I stumbled across this place at my friends wedding and it really made an impression. She too was going for a vintage ‘Downton-esque’ feel, and the venue lended itself to that perfectly. When you’re looking, look out for big period buildings, with impressive frontages and big green grounds.

Décor is important 

The way you decorate your venue will also be important when suggesting your Downton theme – so make sure you think about how the venue looks inside (as well as outside!). Intimate dinner, lace table runner, traditional candles and pearls would all suggest the theme – but do so in a subtle, elegant and modern way. Try and stay away from modern things such as chair covers too – as this wouldn’t have been the fashion back then. Instead cover chairs with lace or silk – tying them into beautiful bows to finish the look. I actually found a Downton Abbey Pinterest board whilst researching this article – so take a look for more inspiration by browsing through that.



Transport is an easy, yet obvious way to inject a bit of vintage glamour into the day. Choose a typically 20’s car and your guests will immediately tie the style and look of the car into your theme. You could even offer guest the chance to pose in the car themselves, once you and your hubby have had your portraits!

This article was written by Elle Williams, you can follow her on Twitter by clicking here.