Paper Bunting Review from Paper Themes


I’m a big fan of bunting. I think it can really transform a space at a relatively low cost. It is the perfect addition to your decor, especially if you are having a country or vintage style wedding. The variety of bunting you can now buy is fantastic, so you can match it exactly to the rest of your colour scheme.

Paper Themes, a company which sells  Wedding Stationery, do some really lovely Wedding Bunting, including this pretty mint  patterned one, of which I was sent a sample to review.

I chose this design because I love the colour (although there are lots more to pick from), and I thought the patterns had a vintage feel. I found the card pennants were very sturdy and they arrived in a lovely box. I took some pictures of the patterns so that you can see them up close.





I was sent the bunting unassembled, so the card triangles and the ribbon come separately, and you have to thread them on yourself. While this can take a little while,  I found it to be a benefit because I could choose the order the patterns appeared in, as well as how far apart each pennant was. I also thought that if you wanted a few colours you would be able to mix and match easily.

The card itself is very sturdy, and although you obviously wouldn’t want to use it outside, if looked after properly I am sure you could re-use this bunting time and time again.


These will be adorning my marquee walls at my wedding in May, so it may give you a sneaky idea of my colour scheme! Keep your eyes peeled for the photos!

Laura xXx


Disclaimer – I was sent this bunting free of charge to review, however any opinions expressed are my genuine thoughts on the product.


Buying My Wedding Dress At Creatiques

wedding dress boutiqueSo, I have finally found ‘The’ dress, and I wanted to rave a little bit about the shop where I finally tracked it down.

If you have been following this blog you may have picked up that I haven’t actually enjoyed dress hunting all that much. I found it difficult because there seemed to be SO much choice,  yet I couldn’t find anything quite right for me. I wasn’t having the typical reaction that most brides seem to have when they try on wedding dresses. I guess I didn’t feel like a bride, I felt like I was playing dress up, dare I say it, I felt a little bit silly! On my hunt I encountered lots of lovely ladies in different bridal shops, nearly all of them were very pleasant and helpful, but I just wasn’t getting that “TaaDaa!” moment.

That is, not until we met Rob and Andrew!

IMG_1608_mpTheir shop, Creatiques, is a dream to walk into. It is small but perfectly formed, with enough dresses to keep you entertained for hours, but not so many to become overwhelmed. The stock that they have is expertly picked, every single dress was beautiful.

justin alexander wedding dresswedding dress justin alexanderThere was one dress in particular that had caught my eye online, and I found that the closest shop to stock it was Creatiques. I rang up to make an appointment, but unfortunately as we had picked a saturday their day was fully booked.  However, Rob said they usually closed up at 5pm, but that I could come in then and they would stay a little later (already a good sign!) So I went along with my Mum and bridesmaid Kate, and as soon as we arrived we were made to feel incredibly welcome. Despite their busy week ,Rob and Andrew were happy to talk through lots of different options, and we didn’t feel hurried at all.

IMG_1610_mpTheir genuine interest and passion for their work was obvious and really put us all at ease. Andrew also runs a hair salon which is attached to the back of the shop, and was helping me come up with ideas for my hair, while Rob went and found me some lovely shoes. We also talked accessories and bridesmaid dresses. Finally, I felt like a bride!

Strangely, it turned out that they knew Ash from our band One by One and Rachael from another of our bands. It must have been fate!

If you live near Portsmouth you might like to go to the Justin Alexander Designer Wedding show next week. You can see more details below.

justin alexander designer wedding show

Now that I have my dress sorted I am exited to get everything else for the wedding planned. My tip to any girls out there on the hunt for their wedding dress, would be to hold out for the right dress AND the right shop. You deserve to get your ‘Taadaa!` moment!

Laura xXx


Wedding Planner Review – Paper Themes


Just how essential is a wedding planner? I’m talking about the book rather than the person!  Personally I think it is really important to have somewhere to keep all of your ideas and details together, accessible at a glance, otherwise it is easy to get in a right kerfuddle!  Up until recently I had a scrap book where I have been keeping cuttings and pretty pictures, but I didn’t really have any where for all the detailed stuff to go. A few days ago Paper Themes sent me this pretty  wedding planner book  to review, and now I feel much more organised!

The book has 6 sections and each has a little pouch to keep pictures, business cards and cuttings, as well as a few polythene pockets. So what do the sections cover? Well I shall tell you;

1. Getting Started

This covers all of the basic details and provides a checklist of the most important things to do. There is a budget planner which gives a list of things to remember, and also provides space for extra things that they might have left out. It also includes a handy undated calander which spans 2 years.


2. Guests and Stationery

I think that this section of the book is going to be really useful when sending out invites and also when sending thank you cards! The guest list includes checkboxes for day or evening invite sent, if they accepted or declined and what they gave you as a gift. It also has space for their contact details. Since I will be collecting these from parents and friends this will come in very useful. There are enough spaces to include 128 people, but again there is a notes page where you could add additional information.

Something else they include, which I don’t think I would have thought of, is information on accommodation for guests that have travelled a long way.


Here is the perfect place to document the Bride and Grooms measurements, as well as the Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers. There is also a contact page for the shops visited.


4.Wedding Day

This section covers all the main wedding day details; the ceremony, food and drink, entertainment, flowers and decoration, photography and videographer, transport and honeymoon!


Here you can write down any ideas you have for gift suggestions. Lots of people make wedding lists in one department store or another, so as to help out the guests, and make sure that they don’t waste their money on something the bride and groom already have or don’t need.  If this is something you are considering, this book has space to write down anything that takes your fancy.  It also has pages dedicated to the very important thank you gifts, for members of the wedding party.

6.Contacts and notes

Finally we have some pages for any contacts you pick up along the way, and a few pages for notes.


I think the planner pretty much covers everything I need it too. The only thing that might have been nice would be blank pages for sticking things in, but since I have a scrap book it isn’t really an issue for me. Now I have to get on with the time consuming business of filling it!

What does your wedding planner look like?


Laura xXx

Disclaimer – This wedding planner was give to me free of charge by Paper Themes