Fairytale – Wedding Theme Wednesday


The Fairytale Wedding

What little girl doesn’t dream of a fairytale wedding? A beautiful dress, a horse drawn carriage, woodland creatures to help you get dressed whilst singing a merry tune. Ok, that last bit might be a little far fetched, but with this theme you can go all out, or take simple elements to give a subtle feel of enchantment to your day.

My Top 5 Buys

1.Fairytale Wedding Favours – £96.15 for 100 from Fairyland Bazaar

These little seed favours are packaged so sweetly, I couldn’t ignore them.

2. Outdoor Light Flower Garland – £36 from Heal’s

I have a soft spot for fairy lights, and they are obviously appropriate for this theme! There should definitely be twinkling lights at a fairytale wedding, as well as pretty flowers, and these would kill 2 birds with one stone!

3. Poisoned Apple Necklace – £15.38 from Whimsy Daisy Designs

This cute snow white apple pendant would look lovely on the bridesmaids.

4. Once Upon a Time – Hand Carved Stamp –  £5.45 from TC Witchcraft Factory

I think stamps are so useful, especially if you are planning to make your own save the date cards or invites, this ‘once upon a time’ stamp would really come in handy!

5.Diamante Embellished Ballerina Shoes – £75 from Dune

Glass is a little impracticle, and lets face it, downright dangerous. I have no idea how Cinderella didn’t slice her tiny feet apart. Anyway, I have chosen a slighly safer version of the classic glass slipper, in this beautiful diamante shoe from Dune.

The Dress Collection

If you want  a dress that truly makes you feel like a princess, take a look at Alfred Angelo’s collection of Disney Bridal gowns, they are breathtaking. My favourite is Belle (who is also my favourite Disney princess!) I have actually tried this dress on, and although it wasn’t the style I was going for, it almost convinced me to change my mind!Disney Wedding Dress Alfred Angelo

The Venue

Are you searching for the perfect fairytale castle?  Chateau de Challain in France has got to be the closest you can get. Check out those turrets!

The Blog Post

I love this blog post from b.loved, which takes inspiration from classic fairytale princesses; Belle, Cinderella and Snow White, for 3 stunning wedding shoots. Subtle, but so beautifully done!

I hope you were inspired by todays Fairytale themed wedding post. Which fairytale character would you choose to theme your wedding on?

Laura xXx


My Top 5 Wedding Picks 5


It’s that time again, 5 of my favourite wedding picks! Let me know if you have spotted any unique wedding items lately, I would love to include them in my next post and would of course credit you!

1. Custom lovers portrait locket – £100.82 from Les Folles Marquises

This would be such a lovely gift to receive on the day of the wedding! I love their cute little faces.

2. DIY ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’ embroidery patterns – £3.32 from Flapperdoodle

Flapperdoodle is the shop owned by Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant. These personalised embroidery patterns are a genius idea if you are a crafty bride! If not she also sells ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ cards which you can actually make look like your own bridesmaids!

3. Motif hole punchers – £1 each from Tiger

I had to include these as they are such a bargain. I think the heart and the star could come in particularly useful, and the little people are really cute too!

4. ‘You’re Super’ brooch – £10.50 from Custom Made

This would be a really unique way to say thanks to your bridesmaids or other helpers. Everyone likes to feel they’re ‘super’!

5. 140 characters gift wrap – £1.75 from OhhDeer

Ok, so this one isn’t all that weddingy, BUT, imagine how awesome this paper would be if you were having a Hollywood/Film/TV themed wedding! You could wrap up all of the favours in it! How many characters can you spot already?

I hope you enjoyed todays picks! I’m on the hunt for a wedding dress at the moment and it is hard work! I much prefer thinking about the little details, but I suppose I had better get the little things sorted first!

Laura xXx

My Top 5 Wedding Picks!



1. You Look Lovely Pocket Mirror – £3.50 from Steph Says Hello

Why thank you pocket mirror! You don’t look too shabby yourself!  Steph Says Hello has a variety of similar designs to this, and I think they would be lovely little gifts to give to the bridesmaids on the big day!

2. Heart Gift Tags – £2.31 for 25 from Bahana Splits Boutique

These heart gift tags could come in useful in so many places!

3. Personalised Groomsman Hip Flasks – £62.58 for a set of 5 from Hair Of The Dog

I love the variety of personalised hip flasks by Hair Of The Dog. What a great gift to give your Groomsmen, or Ushers if you live in England like me!

4. Wooden Bow Ties – £14 from Ladybird Likes 

Zoe from Ladybird likes has some AMAZING things in her shop. I think her newest range of wooden bow ties are genius! What a great idea for the groom who wants something a little bit different! Not to mention how much easier it will be to put on than a regular bow tie.

5. I love you activity book – £10 from Urban Outfitters

This book looks super cute. Full of little activities for couples, I think this would be a great fun little gift for the Bride and Groom!

What do you think of my picks this week? Any that stand out for you?

Laura xXx

My Top 5 Wedding Picks

wedding products

Ooh, I’ve got some pretty picks for you today! Let me know what you think, and as always, if you are a wedding supplier I’d love to hear from you!

1. Patterned Paper Plates – £6 for a set of 8 plates from Peach Blossom – Not On The High Street

Don’t you just love pretty paper plates!? I really like the geometric patterns that are in fashion at the moment, so cute!

2. Photo Booth Prop Glasses – £20.04 for 3 from Funny Face Props

These glasses are the best photobooth props I have ever seen! And you can get them in all sorts of different colours

3. ‘I do’ clutch -£16 from Alphabet Bags

Alphabet bags have got a phenomenal range of wedding themed totes and clutches. I love this little one for holding all the wedding day essentials in!

4. Ombre Gourmet Lollipops from Boss Girls Inc

The lollies in this shop look delicious, and not only that but they are beautiful too. My favourite has to be the ‘Mint Choc Chip’ lolly. Sadly they don’t ship to the UK 🙁

5. Heart Stickers – 36 for £1 from Haus Of Glue 

I spotted these little stickers in fellow blogger Lisa’s shop and thought how handy they would be. You could use them for all sorts of wedding related things. I’d write our initials on them and stick them to save the dates or favours, or you could use them to decorate place cards.


Laura xXx

My Top 5 Wedding Picks!



I quite enjoyed last weeks Top 5 post, so I thought I would make it a regular thing! Get in contact if you know of any great products, or perhaps you are a wedding supplier yourself! You might appear on my list next week!

1. Take out Wedding Favour Box – 20 for £33.03 from Sheila Mari Designs

I know these are meant to be for putting favours in, but I think they would be a great idea to have on hand, either to take a piece of wedding cake in, or if the buffet hasn’t been totally devoured, for your guests to take home a packed lunch for the next day!

2. Wooden Ice Cream Spoons – £5.28 for a pack of 20 from Sucre Shop

These are so cute, even if you have no ice cream you should try to find a use for these!

3. Felted Bouquet – £42.94 from Fairy Folk Weddings 

How unique is this bouquet! So vibrant and pretty!

4. Animal Wedding Place Cards – £66.6 for 100 Bull or Flamingo Cards, £99.09 for 100 Crab cards from JoNiPaperGoods

These are genius! Especially if you are having an animal themed wedding? And they come in all different colours too!

5. Mahogany Wedding Cake Topper £45.58 from Better Of Wed

There are loads of lovely designs in this shop, but this one caught my eye because when I get married, I will become a Powell!

Laura xXx



My Top 5 Wedding Picks!


I have been seeing so many lovely wedding products recently, I just can’t keep track! So I thought I would compile my Top 5 on a regular basis! I hope you like them as much as I do. Here are my  first 5 …
1. Personalised Paper Dolls – Custom made to look like you! – £23.45 from Jordan Grace Owens

How cute!? I could just imagine these standing on top of a quirky wedding cake! Or they would make a wonderful original gift for the newlyweds.

2. Wedding Badges – £14.95 per set  from I Want One Of Those.

These are a great idea for a Stag/Hen do, or maybe even the day itself if you’re brave enough!

3. Engagement Ring Boxes – £46.90 from Oh Dier Living

I love the colour selection these come in. You wouldn’t want to say no if the ring came in that sweet box would you!?

4. Gala Hair Bow– £20 from Rock N Roll Bride for Crown and Glory

I love the new collection of hair accessories that Crown and Glory and Rock N Roll Bride have just teamed up to make. If you’re a brave bride this would look stunning as an alternative to a vale or tiara! Or perhaps the bridesmaids could wear them!

5. Personalised Antler Initial Wax Seal Stamp – £16.75 and £2.68 for 2 wax sticks from Back to Zero

This company have a whole host of wax seal stamps with different designs. You can even design one yourself! This one with antlers on was one of my favourites, and I love that you can make it personal to you and your betrothed by having your own initials. I think these would be lovely to seal the envelopes of wedding invitations!

What do you think? Do you like any of these products? Or have you found something worthy of shouting from the rooftops about? I’d love to hear about any of your top picks!

Laura xXx

Paper Themes £50 wedding voucher Giveaway!



I thought I had better let you know that I am hosting a giveaway on my other blog Wrapped Up In Rainbows. And you can enter for your chance to win £50 worth of vouchers at Paper Themes!


The vouchers can be used to buy any of their products, and they have a fantastic range of wedding stationary. From invites to personalised labels, you can find it all! Even if you aren’t planning a wedding this will be super useful, because they also sell party invites and decorations! So pop on over, it’s pretty much painless to enter!

Laura xXx

Vintage Wedding Fair in Newbury

I have really been slacking on my wedding blog recently, but life has just been so busy! If you want to take a peek at some of the things I have been doing you can pop over to my non wedding blog Wrapped Up In Rainbows.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to once again accompany the lovely Mister Kanish to a VINTAGE wedding fair hosted by Fusion Wedding Events, and it was awesome! I met some really lovely people and had some great conversations about weddings, and obviously the boys were fantastic. I went home absolutely brimming with ideas and excitement about our wedding! Here are some pics I took…

n mister kanish newbury

Here are Mister Kanish doing their thing.

n peach and jo 2n peach and jo 3 n peach and jo 4n peach and jo

Just look at this beautiful display by Peach and Jo Photography. I love all their cute vintage details, and they were super friendly which of course is incredibly important when picking a photographer! Plus you get two of them!

n tea and doilies

These sweet little invitations were made by the equally friendly Jo from Tea and Doilies. As well as wedding stationery Tea and Doilies can provide tea set hire, and even food! I spent a long time chatting with Jo, she even helped me come up with some ideas for my wedding, completely unrelated to stationery!

n prints charming photobooth

Of course we managed to find another photobooth. This one was called Prints Charming, and was owned by the very bubbly Hana Laurie. I liked this one for a few reasons… it was a stand up one rather than a sit down one, the colours are pretty and the props were great. If you had it at your wedding you could have your name in place of the Prints Charming and writing at the side, and you would usually get 4 pictures all the same size on one sheet. I think you can specify how they sit on the page though.

the flying ducks2

The Flying Ducks are a catering company that run out of the cutest caravan I ever did see! I would love to have this on our wedding day if the budget will allow. It would fit perfectly with our festival feel.

Another exhibitor that caught my eye was The Reel Sixty, a wedding film company specializing in films shot in 8mm. They had a really lovely nostalgic feel to them.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual wedding fair today! I have another one for you soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Laura xXx





Awesome Invites!

This week I have been thinking about the perfect wedding invite. I want ours to be pretty, but quirky. It needs to be original but fitting with the feel of the event.

Of course this has meant much time scouring Pinterest for inspiration, so here are some of my favourite ideas. Click the picture to see the original source.






yellow invites


Laura xXx