Fairytale – Wedding Theme Wednesday


The Fairytale Wedding

What little girl doesn’t dream of a fairytale wedding? A beautiful dress, a horse drawn carriage, woodland creatures to help you get dressed whilst singing a merry tune. Ok, that last bit might be a little far fetched, but with this theme you can go all out, or take simple elements to give a subtle feel of enchantment to your day.

My Top 5 Buys

1.Fairytale Wedding Favours – £96.15 for 100 from Fairyland Bazaar

These little seed favours are packaged so sweetly, I couldn’t ignore them.

2. Outdoor Light Flower Garland – £36 from Heal’s

I have a soft spot for fairy lights, and they are obviously appropriate for this theme! There should definitely be twinkling lights at a fairytale wedding, as well as pretty flowers, and these would kill 2 birds with one stone!

3. Poisoned Apple Necklace – £15.38 from Whimsy Daisy Designs

This cute snow white apple pendant would look lovely on the bridesmaids.

4. Once Upon a Time – Hand Carved Stamp –  £5.45 from TC Witchcraft Factory

I think stamps are so useful, especially if you are planning to make your own save the date cards or invites, this ‘once upon a time’ stamp would really come in handy!

5.Diamante Embellished Ballerina Shoes – £75 from Dune

Glass is a little impracticle, and lets face it, downright dangerous. I have no idea how Cinderella didn’t slice her tiny feet apart. Anyway, I have chosen a slighly safer version of the classic glass slipper, in this beautiful diamante shoe from Dune.

The Dress Collection

If you want  a dress that truly makes you feel like a princess, take a look at Alfred Angelo’s collection of Disney Bridal gowns, they are breathtaking. My favourite is Belle (who is also my favourite Disney princess!) I have actually tried this dress on, and although it wasn’t the style I was going for, it almost convinced me to change my mind!Disney Wedding Dress Alfred Angelo

The Venue

Are you searching for the perfect fairytale castle?  Chateau de Challain in France has got to be the closest you can get. Check out those turrets!

The Blog Post

I love this blog post from b.loved, which takes inspiration from classic fairytale princesses; Belle, Cinderella and Snow White, for 3 stunning wedding shoots. Subtle, but so beautifully done!

I hope you were inspired by todays Fairytale themed wedding post. Which fairytale character would you choose to theme your wedding on?

Laura xXx


Picking the venue and Giant Hat Tipi’s

Did I tell you we have finalised the location of our wedding? Well, we have and it is just lovely!  My parents live in a very quaint little village, the sort with thatched cottages and a little village shop.  They all seem to know one another and it is all very friendly, which is lucky for us!

We have decided to get married in the church in the village, and then have a festival type wedding in a nearby field. We weren’t sure which field we were going to use until recently, but now we have made our decision! My parents also have a caravan, which they keep in storage at a nearby farm/field/campsite. Fortunately for us, the people that live there are absolutely lovely, and have said that we can use their (rather large) field!

So, my mum has set us the challenge of finding a tent/marquee to hire by the end of January. That doesn’t give us long! Of course that also means that we need to have a guest list pretty much ready so we know how many people we will need to fit in. Yikes!

So here comes the exciting bit, I have been looking for tents and marquees but these Giant Hat Tipi’s are what really caught my eye. I’m not sure yet if we will definitely be able to have one of these for our wedding as we are on a tight budget, but I would really like to capture the essence of these ‘Tipi’ style weddings. Click on the images to see the original source.






Aren’t they lovely? In a perfect world I would have 3 giant hat tents joined together. In one would be the area for the sit down meal, in another would be the dancefloor and the last one would have a fire pit in it with lots of cozy seating all around!

I love the idea of the fire pit, but luckily, even if I don’t get to have the giant hat tents, I will still be able to have a fire pit! When we went to explore the field we are having the wedding in, to my delight I discovered that they have a little shed with a fire pit in the middle! I think it will only hold about 12 people at once, but still, I think it will be lovely!

Wish me luck in my hunt for the perfect tent, not long to go now!

Laura xXx