Festival Weddings – Wedding Theme Wednesday

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The Festival Wedding

Lots of couples are ditching the traditional wedding approach these days, in favour of one that gives them a bit more freedom to have fun! The Festival wedding is well and truly here, but its not a one trick pony, there are so many ways to do it! With a plethora of wonderful suppliers on offer, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites that will really make your festival wedding memorable!;

My Top 5 Buys

1. Watercolour String Lights Wedding Invite – £59 for 50 from Zazzle

Zazzle has some fantastic customisable invites, at a reasonable price too!

2. Gold Leaf Glitter Pot – £3.50  from Dust & Dance

Why not go all out and get some glitter on your face! You deserve to sparkle!

3. Meadow Crown – £37 from Crown and Glory

I’m always a fan of Crown and Glory, and I think this flower crown would be beautiful on a bride or her bridesmaids.

4. Wedfest Wrist Bands – from £1 a band  at  Wedfest

You need wristbands if its going to be an authentic festival, right!?

5. Rainbow Confetti Ring – $5050 from Polly Wales

A little extravagant? Maybe. But this ring is like no other! Perfect for someone looking for a ring that is fun and different! 

The Venue

giant hat tipi wedding

If you’re committing to a festival theme then you’ve really got to invest in some serious tents, and my absolute favourites are these Giant Hat Tipi tents. They are totally gorgeous inside and out, and will certainly make a big impression on your guests!  All you need to do now is find a field to put them in! Get your guests to bring their own tents to set up nearby, and you’re already halfway to the festival of your dreams!

The Drinks

Toms Bar

What is any festival without the drinks!? From fancy cocktails to local ciders,  Tom’s Bespoke Bartending Co based in Dorset seems to have it all! They can even make a cocktail menu tailored to you!

The Dress Shop

rock the frock bridal shop

Rock the Frock, based in Essex specialises in Boho, tea length and vintage wedding dresses, all of which look pretty perfect for a festival style wedding to me!

The Entertainment

skip jacks band

Finding the right band is very important if you are having a festival themed wedding, the music is what its all about after all! If you can’t afford to have more than one band,  look for bands that can play in a couple of styles to add a bit of variety! The Skip Jacks are perfect because they play in a folk style, but can also do a more conventional electric set. Find more bands perfect for festival entertainment here.

I hope you were inspired by todays Festival themed wedding post. I’d love to hear about all of your festival wedding plans!

Laura xXx


Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies – My Top 3 Venues

Have you ever thought about getting married outdoors? If it is something you have looked into then you will probably know it is quite rare to find a venue that has this option. Today I want to share three of my favourite venues that offer outdoor wedding ceremonies. All three are very different, I’d love to know which one you like best!

The Beach Wedding


This is probably the closest you are going to get to a beach wedding in the UK. At the Tunnels Beaches in Devon you can get married overlooking the sea! As you can see from the photos it has fantastic scenery, imagine the wonderful photo’s you could get here! There is also a bar with a balcony and roof terrace to admire the view from.


The English Country Garden Wedding


Wentbridge House is one of the few licensed outdoor weddings venues in Yorkshire. It is a luxury hotel with gorgeous grounds, and perfectly situated within them is this beautiful stone gazebo. The hotel has just been granted a licence for the ceremony to take place under this pretty Romanesque structure, whilst guests watch from the lawn. I could just imagine a string quartet playing the bride down the aisle on a summers day. The hotel also performs ceremonies indoors, so if the worst came to the worst, and the weather was bad, there is still a lovely room to get married in sheltered from the English weather!


The Woodland Wedding


The ceremonies at Cornish Tipi Weddings are performed in a pavilion found in a small woodland clearing. Up to fifty guests can gather inside, whilst others can sit outside on hay bales and sip champagne. There is also a lake nearby. If you are after a back to nature feel for your wedding day, this is surely the place to come!


I love all three of these venues, and I think having an outdoor ceremony is something really different for weddings in the UK, it is such a rare thing to find!  Do any of these venues take your fancy?

Laura xXx

 Disclaimer – This post was sponsored by Wentbridge House

Picking the venue and Giant Hat Tipi’s

Did I tell you we have finalised the location of our wedding? Well, we have and it is just lovely!  My parents live in a very quaint little village, the sort with thatched cottages and a little village shop.  They all seem to know one another and it is all very friendly, which is lucky for us!

We have decided to get married in the church in the village, and then have a festival type wedding in a nearby field. We weren’t sure which field we were going to use until recently, but now we have made our decision! My parents also have a caravan, which they keep in storage at a nearby farm/field/campsite. Fortunately for us, the people that live there are absolutely lovely, and have said that we can use their (rather large) field!

So, my mum has set us the challenge of finding a tent/marquee to hire by the end of January. That doesn’t give us long! Of course that also means that we need to have a guest list pretty much ready so we know how many people we will need to fit in. Yikes!

So here comes the exciting bit, I have been looking for tents and marquees but these Giant Hat Tipi’s are what really caught my eye. I’m not sure yet if we will definitely be able to have one of these for our wedding as we are on a tight budget, but I would really like to capture the essence of these ‘Tipi’ style weddings. Click on the images to see the original source.






Aren’t they lovely? In a perfect world I would have 3 giant hat tents joined together. In one would be the area for the sit down meal, in another would be the dancefloor and the last one would have a fire pit in it with lots of cozy seating all around!

I love the idea of the fire pit, but luckily, even if I don’t get to have the giant hat tents, I will still be able to have a fire pit! When we went to explore the field we are having the wedding in, to my delight I discovered that they have a little shed with a fire pit in the middle! I think it will only hold about 12 people at once, but still, I think it will be lovely!

Wish me luck in my hunt for the perfect tent, not long to go now!

Laura xXx