1920’s Wedding

1920s Themed Wedding Ideas

Perfect for: Extravagant Weddings, Intimate Weddings

A 1920s themed wedding is glamorous, fun loving and mischievous!


  • An art deco style venue
  • A dark club or room decorated to match the theme.


  • Decorate the venue like a 1920’s speakeasy. Have gambling tables, beaded curtains, and a stage with a singer, saxophone player or band.
  • Keep the tables small as they would have been in a speakeasy, 4 or 6 to a table.
  • Include Ostrich feathers in your bouquet.
  • Choose a pastel colour scheme with neutrals to accent such as chocolate brown, or for the more dramatic choose red, white and black.
  • Get an old clawed bathtub and fill it with ice and bottled drinks.
  • Use cigarette holders as place card holders.
  • As decoration put a single orchid in a crystal vase on each table.
  • Mahjong was a popular game in the 20’s, have one on each table.

Music and Entertainment

  • Blues, Ragtime and Jazz. Hire a singer or saxophone player.
  • Better yet hire a full 1920’s themed band to really capture the atmosphere.
  • Consider having an old phonograph playing authentic 20’s tunes throughout the evening
  • Dance the shimmy and the bunny hop.
  • Hire a band that dress in vintage clothing or that play music from specific decades such as the 20’s or 50’s and 60’s.

20s style band

“The Charleston Charlies” a 20s style band.

This band captures the heart of the Roaring 20’s with their fun loving, mischievous performance. The band are known for playing the best in 1920’s  Jazz that will get you dancing like cats on a hot tin roof!

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  • Lace Handkerchiefs
  • Feather Hand Fans
  • Snuff Boxes
  • Fountain Pens
  • Bags of Humbugs


  • Authentic 20’s dishes include breast of chicken a la Rose and the ever popular Waldorf salad.

Clothes and Accessories

  • Dresses at the time were dropped waist, the flapper dress became very popular in 1924.
  • Look in vintage shops or online for an original 1920’s dress.
  • Commission a reproduction dress for yourself and the bridesmaids.Wear a lace cloche (hat) and carry a vintage hand bag.
  • Have a look at the beautiful dresses at ‘Calm amongst the Chaos‘.

1920's wedding dress


Extra Touches

  • Have a cocktail hour where you serve champagne cocktails and ‘illicit’ gin cocktails.
  • Have a 1920’s themed photograph studio.
  • Instead of a guest book have a vintage typewriter for guests to write their wishes. You can bind the pages together at a later date.
  • Video – Hire a company that used super 8 film to truly capture that 1920’s feel.
  • Set up a projector to play 1920’s silent movies in a corner of your venue.

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